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Can I thank you all for the clapping and cheering at the couple of mini presentations we done at the NCFDC last week, this was for those players who were away on our final session before Christmas.
Another exciting week at the NCFDC saw the normal thrills and spills of goal mouth action, last ditch tackles and questions to whether goal line technology should be brought in to the NCFDC!!
This week I have to mention the two girls within the group, Esher & Ellee, both quick & athletic and show no fear in mixing it up with the boys on the pitch, fearless in the tackle and both showing real good qualities on the ball! Well done girls keep it going!
Another impressive week by Connor in only his second week, showing a good understanding of the game and technically looking very assured for his age ……… just one of the great addition to the NCFDC squad in the January transfer window!
Second session we focused a little on the dynamics of a side foot pass during the training and allowed a longer match to enable the group to bring this in to their match play and encourage & develop their understanding of team play. At times some fantastic moves by the group involving four and five passes! As your all aware the balance is getting the group to play as a team without losing that individual flair and with our very own little Messi (Theo) on the pitch that’s never going to happen, as the football saying goes ‘he lifts bums of seats’ with his weaving runs …… great to see! Really pleasing to see James’s confidence continually growing and proved to be a natural in the passing work which he also took out in to the match play! I will apologise in advance because if the NCFDC players continue to entertain us by playing with this amount of skill, determination & development I will have to charge an admission fee as the players fan base is growing on a weekly basis!! <wlEmoticon-winkingsmile[1].png>
We look forward to seeing you all next week!

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Jack Wilshere

I am really happy to get behind this initiative. I have attended & taken part in NCFootball sessions in the past and I know how much young players can gain from the chance to access their professional coaching.

Arsenal and England player Jack Wilshire

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